It is very important to have your saddle correctly fitted and then checked every regularly depending on the horses work load. Having a saddle that fits both the horse and rider is important for the well being of your horse and to allow the freedom of moment, weather its happy hacking, top end competition or everything in between. The rider must also be comfortable you need a saddle that suits you in the seat and leg to be able to effective and secure in your seat .   

If your saddle requires a small remedial alteration  this might be possible to do on site, however major adjustments and full re-flocks will be carried out in my work shop. A well-fitting saddle will help you both reach your full potential, so my aim is to provide a comfortable, well-fitting saddle for your horse and you. However it is important to remember that horses regularly change shape due to a variety of reasons and is therefore important to remember that a saddle can only be fitted to the horse seen on the day. These changes could be caused by:

  • Workload change.
  • Age.
  • Change of season.
  • Illness.



 call 07487 55 2829 or use the contact me form.


. £55 Per horse for assessment of horse and exciting saddle , £25 is now taken on booking your appointment.  Should you cancel with more than 48 hour’s notice this deposit is fully refundable. If you cancel with less than 48 hour’s notice we are unable to issue a refund. 

. 50p per mile for travelling , which can be shared if others on the same yard have appointment's

. A range of new saddles are kept in stock, however it is not possible to stock a saddle which will fit every horse. If we do not have anything suitable, saddles can be ordered in or can be made for you , sometimes this is needed for customised fits,  you will not be charged another assessment charge on a return visit, just the travel charge.

. All prices include V.A.T

Follow up visits 

. When buying a new saddle, it should be checked in 6-12 weeks after being fitted, this depends on the horses work load. Then twice a year or more often if your horse changes shape, or is young, or returning to work. Check fee for a saddle ive fitted is £45.00


. Please only use the saddle on the horse to which it was fitted, as using it on another horse can considerably alters it’s shape !


. Please allow 1 to 1.5 hours for the fitting , I will assess your horses confirmation stood square , I will take templates and photos, assess your existing saddle and try on new saddles . Then The rider can get on and i will assess for there comfort and assess the horse under saddle with each of the saddles that are suitable. I will reassess the horses back after each saddle. 

. The rider is to wear suitable riding hat upto standard and riding boots.

. The horse needs to be clean and dry so i can assess and movement in the saddle. 

. A sand school or flat area suitable for riding is needed , and if the saddle is to be used for jumping then a jump or two are needed. I am happy to meet you at a local arena if needed. 

. You will need your bridle , stirrups, girth and saddle pad.